Make Eye Masks from Items Around Us

There are a variety of disorders affecting the eyelids, ranging from the eyes appear swollen, pockets of the eye appear, to appear dark circles around the eyes. Luckily, some of the ingredients that are around you can actually be used as an eye mask to reduce such disturbances. Swollen eyes, eye bags, and dark circles around the eyes can be caused by various things. The simplest cause of the problem is lack of sleep or fatigue. Too much caffeine can also cause dark circles or eye bags, because caffeinated drinks can cause difficulty sleeping. In addition, damage to blood vessels in the eyelid, and increased melanin or hyperpigmentation, can also result in eye blackening or eye bags appearing. Other causes are long-term exposure to sunlight, and loss of fat under the eyes so that there is a kind of shadow in the eye bag due to the texture of the skin that is no longer springy. To overcome problems with eye bags, there are several ways you can do. One way is to use an eye mask. Som
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